Outlet cleaning is a much-needed specialized service. We provide your commercial business with a team of qualified professionals to keep your establishment in perfect hygienic conditions.

Why hire an external cleaning service in our outlet?

Outlets and stores must pay special attention to hygiene and cleanliness for two main reasons: first, because there are many people who pass through there every day, and second, because a place that looks good will invite customers to spend more time in the store. establishment and will positively influence sales.
In other words, a clean store or commercial premises will invite the consumer to come in and look at the products with good eyes, thus helping to increase their sales.
The image, today more than ever, is not only a necessity but an obligation and a clean and shiny outlet is the minimum that customers will demand to retain loyalty with the commercial establishment.

Our professionals

The outlet cleaning service that we offer at La Mar de Net is a cleaning service carried out by professionals who will maintain high-quality cleaning and disinfection conditions in these establishments.

Our staff is trained in this sector and knows how important it is in these cases to manage the time dedicated to each area and the organization it requires.
A team of cleaning professionals together with a supervisor will be in charge of adapting the service to the specific characteristics of each establishment: we believe that it is very important to personalize each project so that the outlet cleaning service is optimal in each case.

How we work?

In addition, it is important to highlight that we always use specialized products for each area to be treated: counters, shop windows, decoration accessories, surfaces, signs, etc.
We will assess customer traffic, the time slots with the highest commercial sales and everything that is necessary to develop an adequate and personalized cleaning plan. If you are looking for a cleaning company in Mataró, La Roca Village, Barcelona and Viladecans, you can contact our sales department and we will provide you with all the information about our outlet cleaning service.

cleaning outletWe are one of the best valued cleaning and disinfection companies. Don’t complicate your life and trust us for the cleaning service that your business needs.

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    How about us?

    LA MAR DE NET offers its services in the province of Barcelona and the Community of Madrid (technical and human resources). We are implanted in these areas and this allows us to react quickly and efficiently. For the rest of the State, contact us by clicking here.