The cleaning of industrial buildings is essential so that work can be carried out in optimal conditions. Any facility intended to produce goods and services must comply with maintenance and hygiene measures. Therefore, this action is key not only to maintain the level of productivity, but also to ensure the safety of the work environment.

Why is industrial cleaning so important? Above all, because proper disinfection and hygiene of machinery and surfaces is essential to prevent occupational risks and avoid toxicity. Mainly in factories and warehouses that handle substances that pose a certain danger to workers.

Main characteristics of industrial cleaning

Cleaning an industrial warehouse consists of carrying out the actions and processes necessary to control hygiene measures. There are some characteristics that favor this process, which La Mar de Net puts into practice in its services:

  • Develop general cleaning work, as well as its maintenance. Floors, offices, walls and doors accumulate dirt that must be removed.
  • It is essential to clean the sewage pipes and manholes. For this, a pressure cleaning is carried out every so often to avoid residues that clog the drains.
  • We effectively use specific products, such as industrial chlorine, disinfectants and degreasers.
  • We adapt to the client, tasks can be carried out at times that do not hinder the production of the warehouse or factory.
  • The storage of some products (paper, fabrics, cardboard…) can favor the appearance of insects and rodents. This makes a good cleaning and regular maintenance essential.

Comprehensive cleaning services for warehouse

Depending on whether the building is made of prefabricated, traditional or structural concrete, the cleaning can be more or less intensive. There are different services that you can implement depending on your needs:

  • Maintenance and disinfection of machinery.
  • Comprehensive cleaning of a ship.
  • Detailed cleaning of each floor of the ship and the sanitation networks.
  • Correct management of waste collection.
  • Use of specific machinery with industrial liquids and chemical products.

To carry out the cleaning there are different types of manual and electric machinery. The choice will depend on the work to be done and the size of the area. In this sense, the electric speeds up the work and provides results in less time.

In summary, the industrial cleaning must be carried out conscientiously, since the result influences occupational well-being and productivity. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, more and more companies are using ozone to thoroughly clean spaces and guarantee greater disinfection. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any of our services.

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