The cleaning of nursing homes stands as one of the most comprehensive services provided by professionals in the sector. This importance is underscored by the fact that elderly residents, who are more susceptible to diseases, inhabit these spaces. Given the plethora of daily activities, it’s crucial to establish rigorous cleaning protocols and implement effective methods and task planning.

Why extreme cleanliness in nursing homes is critical

Nursing homes are not just battling against dust and regular dirt; they face unique challenges like vomiting, incontinence, and other sources of contamination stemming from the declining health of some residents. These issues contribute to unpleasant odors and discomfort for both residents and staff, and significantly increase the risk of germ proliferation and infections.

Key surfaces for cleaning in nursing homes

Cleaning in a nursing home extends beyond the usual rooms like lobbies, corridors, kitchens, bedrooms, and recreation areas. It demands a high degree of cleanliness and disinfection across all surfaces, textiles, furniture, and objects that may meet residents. Daily service is vital for maintaining hygienic safety, complemented by periodic maintenance tasks such as window cleaning, mattress cleaning, pest control, and hygiene unit replacements.

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The necessity of professional cleaning staff in nursing homes

In this sector, the role of professional cleaners is indispensable. Factors such as the number of operators, the size of the spaces, and the characteristics of the cleaning products used should be carefully considered. Ventilation and floor cleaning are paramount, with the choice of tools like vacuums or double bucket mopping depending on the facility. For common areas, enzymatic cleaners are recommended for their effectiveness in removing fingerprints and general dirt.

Cleaning in Nursing Homes

In toilet hygiene, the use of disinfectants for toilets and tiles is crucial, along with thorough drying to prevent fungi and mold. Regular emptying of sanitary bins and rubbish bins is also essential. Staying updated with market innovations, like ozone cleaning, ensures effective odor elimination without relying on air fresheners.

Staff training in specific procedures, machine handling, and product usage is necessary. Attributes such as kindness and tolerance are integral to our team’s approach.

In conclusion, the cleaning of nursing homes carried out by experts is the best guarantee of having a fully sanitized center. If you are looking for a trustworthy company, contact us!

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