LA MAR DE NET is a facility services company specialized in cleaning, repairs and improvements .

Maintenance of homes and commercial premises is essential for their preservation over time. LA MAR DE NET makes all kinds of repairs and reforms, in order to bring these spaces to avoid spoilage.

We have a team of industry which , together with good planning , allows us to offer a quality service and meet delivery deadlines provided .

Who are our customers?

  • Private individuals
  • Enterprises
  • Neighboring communities

What We Do?

  • Kitchen Renovations : old pipes , tiling , furniture repairs…
  • Bathrooms reforms: drains , plumbing, tiling …
  • Floor repairs : laying ceramic tiles and flooring
  • Walls and ceilings reforms : sanitation and plastering walls
  • Ceilings : plasterboard , aluminum , plaster …
  • Painting
  • Aluminum Windows
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Electrical installations

In addition :

  • Swimming pools
  • Gardening
  • Locksmith’s trade
  • Pest control and Fumigation
  • Debris removal and transfers
  • Rubble removal and removals

If you are interested or you have any questions , you can contact us.

LA MAR DE NET offers its services in El Maresme, Barcelona, Barcelones and Vallés Oriental (technical and human resources). We are implanted in these areas and this allows us to react swiftly and effectively. For the rest of Catalonia , contact us by clicking here.