A professional cleaning is essential in a school. The large number of children and the continuous activities that take place imply that this process is fundamental. Get the best service from our school cleaning company, key to avoiding diseases, infections and unwanted situations.

La Mar de Net applies these key points on the cleanliness of school facilities with the aim that not only everything is neat, but that the image given by the center is ideal.

Cleaning frequency

One of the first questions we are asked in relation to this topic is how often schools should be cleaned. The answer is simple: every day, although with the odd nuance, such as there may be areas where it is not required to be a daily task.

For example, the areas that require cleaning every day without exception are kitchens, bathrooms, classrooms, and rooms where teachers have the most traffic. Also those common spaces in which the students are, such as the gym or the dining room.

Ventilate, sweep, mop, dust and disinfect. These are some of the tasks to perform on a daily basis. Other areas that must be kept clean every day are the stairs, the reception, the corridors that lead to the different departments, the multipurpose rooms and the changing rooms.

Impeccable cleaning service

To achieve proper cleaning in schools, it is important to take these aspects into account:

– Ventilate classrooms: ventilation is part of the process of cleaning an area. Prevents the transmission of germs, a key aspect for the health of students and teachers.

– Cleaning the school gradually: a fixed schedule cannot be established, since there are times when this task must be carried out more continuously. For example, on the dates when viruses are most widespread (as a general rule, in winter), cleaning must be more intense and frequent. A disinfected, hygienic and ventilated place is basic.

– Sanitize all elements well: doors, tables, doorknobs, chairs, blackboards, etc. Viruses are everywhere, so the intensity of the cleaning must be important. A professional company ensures that this is done with specialized machines, so the result is more satisfactory.

Trusting an experienced school cleaning company is key to the image of the center and, of course, to the health of students and teachers. Therefore, contact us to receive personalized advice and a service of the highest quality.

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