As a cleaning company, we offer a professional and personalized service. For that, we implement a work program unique for each working center, which is reviewed continuously and adapted to the present needs.


LA MAR DE NET offers its services in El Maresme, Barcelona, Barcelonès and Vallés Oriental. Now also in Valencia, Ibiza, Málaga and Puerto Banús. We are implanted in these areas and it allows us to react swiftly and effectively. For the rest of Catalonia , contact us by clicking here.


The safety of our employees is one of our major concerns . Therefore, they are formed according to the Occupational Security and Health Law, and use all the necessary security measures to prevent accidents.

TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION We have the most innovative resources and implant new techniques in order to be more efficient every day.


At La Mar de Net we respect the environment in all aspects. We use organic products, which do not harm health or the environment. We work sustainably, trying to reuse packaging and minimize the consumption of plastic packaging. We don’t waste resources; we are responsible with the use of water and light.


Our staff is selected accurately and receives continuous training so they can carry out their tasks more effectively and live up to customer expectations. Both the cleaning team and office team are composed of skilled workers who are intended to satisfy our customers.


We have the necessary knowledge, techniques and tools to carry out a more environmentally friendly cleaning.


We use ecological cleaning products in our cleaningS, being of the highest quality, with safety data sheets, according to ISO / OHSAS Standards.


All workplaces ares regulary supervised. We maintein a regular communication with our customers in order to detect any problem that may arise and solve it effectively and immediately.


We have a civil liability insurance amounting € 300,000, which covers any damage caused in case of an accident .

In LA MAR DE NET we work for being much more than a business or a cleaning agency: all our efforts combine to achieve maximum quality and maximum safety.