The cleaning and disinfection of premises has always been one of the outstanding services of La Mar de Net, a professional cleaning company with years of experience. However, we must highlight that after the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, this action has become much more demanding, and as such we have updated ourselves to the situation. Based on the fact that experts indicate that this virus can also survive on surfaces, it is suggested that the risk of infection in work areas and offices may increase. The best way to prevent this is with exhaustive cleaning and disinfection, guaranteeing adequate safety and maintenance parameters.

Cleaning a commercial premises: products and service

We recommend relying on professional cleaning services to carry out a total hygiene of each surface to be treated, with its particular characteristics that require one treatment or another. Below we detail the main points that the professional work of our cleaning experts offers to guarantee that the commercial premises have been cleaned correctly.

The most suitable products for cleaning an establishment

When cleaning commercial premises, we use products that have soap or detergent, always looking for the most effective and sustainable alternative, since its effectiveness against germs has been proven. Daily cleaning is enough to prevent, but if covid cases appear or the flow of users is very large, it is recommended to do two a day.

limpieza desinfeccion locales

Use ozone

The main advantage of ozone as a cleaning product is that it is a gas that reaches everywhere. In addition, it is characterized by being deodorizing, disinfecting and oxidizing. In this way, it allows us to eliminate a multitude of microorganisms, even those that are on less accessible surfaces. We emphasize that, being an innocuous product, it does not irritate the eyes or the skin, so it can even be used in a place with people inside, although we coordinate with the client to offer the best time range that favors the work of both. parts.

Each material requires a different cleaning

Work surfaces have to be cleaned depending on the material with which they are made. For example, we take into account the type of cleaning and disinfection according to the qualities of wooden surfaces or floor coverings as opposed to the properties of metal or plastic that can be cleaned with some regularity and more or less aggressive products.

Cleaning of work tools

In addition to tables, chairs or floors, our professional cleaning includes, if necessary, the disinfection of the most personal objects of the workers, since they are places where viruses can hide. We are talking about keyboards, screens or remote controls. One way to make it easier for cleaning staff to clean all these tools is to put a cover on each one. In this way, the items will also be more protected. On the other hand, manufacturers often include recommendations and instructions to keep electronic devices clean.

Contact La Mar de Net to guarantee proper cleaning and disinfection of commercial premises. A professional will know how and with what to treat the different surfaces of the office and premises. If you have doubts about the type of cleaning your establishment needs, contact us!

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