La Mar de Net offers a cleaning service for garages and car parks in Barcelona with the appropriate machinery, totally sustainable, non-harmful products and at competitive prices for the good maintenance and cleaning of something so important in your home, business or building: the garage. .

Why hire a garage cleaning service?

Due to the constant entry and exit of people and vehicles, garages are potentially dirty places and can become a source of infection if we do not apply adequate hygiene and disinfection adapted to this high traffic. At La Mar de Net we have different types of technologies and products to provide a safe environment for all the people who park with you.

The garage cleaning services we offer

The garage is one of the areas of your building where less cleaning service is provided because it is an area not normally seen. The cleaning of the garage, whether it is for private or community use, should not be underestimated. Not carrying out regular cleaning causes a large amount of dust, smoke, a multitude of leaves, paper and plastic to accumulate. Over time, the amount of dirt can become considerable due to the lack of periodic cleaning, making manual cleaning impossible. At La Mar de Net we offer a wide range of services:

  • Cleaning of ramps, columns and pavements
  • Continuous care of elevators and stairs
  • Cleaning of signs and barriers
  • Space disinfection
  • Lighting maintenance
  • Cleaning of railings, fire extinguishers…
  • Care of decorative elements
  • Cleaning of high spaces and pipes
  • And much more…

La Mar de Net is among the best valued cleaning and disinfection companies. Do not complicate your life and trust us for this garage cleaning that is needed in your day to day.

Garage CleaningWe are one of the best valued cleaning and disinfection companies. Don’t complicate your life and trust us for the cleaning service that your business needs.

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    How about us?

    LA MAR DE NET offers its services in the province of Barcelona and the Community of Madrid (technical and human resources). We are implanted in these areas and this allows us to react quickly and efficiently. For the rest of the State, contact us by clicking here.