La Mar de Net is a hospital cleaning company with extensive experience in this sector.

Experts in hospital cleaning

Hospital cleaning requires the use of specific products that certify the disinfection of operating rooms, rooms, offices, and transit areas.It is also always recommended to use the best technology so that sanitation tasks do not bother patients or people who come to a consultation.

All our workers receive specific training to deal with these tasks with the maximum guarantee of success. It is about achieving the maximum degree of health and turning each space into a much safer one.

The importance of adaptability

As an extension of the concepts that we have explained, our level of adaptation to the needs of each hospital is included. We understand that cleaning shifts must adapt to the hours of operations, consultations and everything related to the normal activity of the center.

We have a large staff of workers to cover any need that may arise. Likewise, we meet with the client to carry out a planning according to the work and the time that they need from our services.

Empresa de limpieza en Hospitales profesional

A personalized treatment

We take care of everything. If you manage a hospital, you already know that any type of incident can arise that requires the presence of more workers to solve it. We will always be in contact with you to send you the professionals you need at any time.

When contracting our services, we will let you know the corresponding catalogue, but we can create one that best fits the characteristics of the center you manage. We never apply the same pattern to all our clients, as we understand that each hospital needs specific services depending on its capacity and workload.

A wide radius of action

We offer our services in Maresme, Barcelona and Vallés Oriental. If your clinic or hospital center is in this area, or in a neighboring area, we are open to collaborating with you and offering you a quote for our options.

Trust our proposal

You just have to contact us so that our commercial team visits the corresponding center. Tell us what exactly you need, how you want the service to be and what exactly your quality parameters are. We will reach an agreement specifying the type of machinery to be used, the number of employees that will work and the rest of the details to fully personalize the service to be offered. As a cleaning company in hospitals, we guarantee the highest level of demand and results that meet your needs.

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    How about us?

    LA MAR DE NET offers its services in the province of Barcelona and the Community of Madrid (technical and human resources). We are implanted in these areas and this allows us to react quickly and efficiently. For the rest of the State, contact us by clicking here.